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More confessions….even less research. Clueless republican round two

Once again my friend over at http://republicaninthearts.blogspot.com/2011/12/hypocrite-ron-paul-accuses-newt.html has decided to bash Ron Paul.

Using the American Spectator, and a bag of bon bon’s, my friend [who shall remain nameless, because she is to much of a coward to post her name] managed to (in less than a paragraph) show once again she is indeed a moron!

Before I get into all of that, though, I will give credit where credit is due.  CRW [Clueless Republican Woman] was willing to come on this site and debate me. For that, she is somewhat deserving of my respect.

First of all, the American Spectator got this story %100 correct. Many large companies have indeed given Ron Paul money.

So fucking what? I would love for somebody to explain how that makes him a hypocrite! Let me explain why it doesn’t [even though CRW could easily have come up with this same answer if she had any deductive reasoning capabilities at all].

1. The only danger in big biz giving politicians money, is the worry that they will buy that politicians vote with it. Since Ron Paul has 30 years of consistent voting, I would say the danger here is nothing.

2. In running with Ron Paul’s longtime freedom ideology, why wouldn’t he accept donation from large business? Are large businesses not allowed in free society to give campaign contributions to candidates they support?

3. This article very misleadingly states “Congressman Paul has made much of his opposition to Washington special interests,”  trying to somehow tie Ron Paul in with special interest groups in order to make him look hypocritical. Did you see the amounts these companies donated? It was nothing! In fact look if you look here http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/summary.php?CID=N00005906 you will find that Paul has always disclosed his donors almost to the letter. This was not some big secret that the spectator found.  If you did any of your research you would find that most of his contributors are small to mid size businesses as most corporations won’t touch the man. Why you ask? Well he has this little thing called a voting record that makes him a bad investment for corporate kickbacks. In other words, he isn’t bought and paid for.

It is hilarious that even as Ron Paul’s predictions are coming true right in front of peoples eyes that this dipshit is still trying to attack him and to defend who? GINGRICH? [And CRW don’t act like it’s not you attacking him along with the American Spectator just look at your headline]

Paul said our intervention in Libya would destabilize the region.  He was right. Thanks to an American backed coalition, and our CIA training rebels we knew nothing about, Libya is now full of the very same extermination squads we claimed we were there to stop. Militia groups are rounding up and killing minorities, and each other. Rape is at an all time high along with crime. There is no government, and rest assured when there is one it will hate the United States.

Paul said for 10 years before the economic collapse that our federal reserve system of currency (which is backed by nothing) would cause inflation, instability, and eventually collapse. They laughed at him! I bet it’s not so fucking funny now is it?

Paul said that backing up an Egyptian revolution would be a terrible idea, as we had no idea who would come to power. Now we see that the Muslim Brotherhood has won the government power in that country. A worse group of extremists than that would be hard to find.

The list goes on and on and on. How many times must this man and his ideologies be proven right before these republican fools wake up?

Look at Gingrich and his voting record. Let me just name a few that republicans should shutter at:

  • Cosponsored Fairness Doctrine [totally unconstitutional]
  • Voted for N.A.F.T.A [totally unconstitutional]
  • Defended Romney care and supported a personal mandate [totally unconstitutional]
  • Supported GATT [totally unconstitutional]
  • He is a paid lobbyist for big ethanol [who has funded his campaign thus far] and
  • Freddie and Fannie [Oh wait, he was just a paid historian]

Putting Ron Paul’s voting record against Gingrich makes Gingrich look like a mid op tranny- you can’t tell if he’s a dick, or a pussy! Whatever he is, it certainly isn’t conservative!

CRW you can’t defend this man to a rational person. Has he voted for some things I agree with? YES! That is like saying though that a murderer stopped a rapist. It’s nice he stopped the rapist, but he’s still a fucking murderer.

This is why the corporate media [and kool aid drinkers like yourself] never compare the records of the two candidates [which is by far the most important thing to look at] and instead try to find silly things like the fact that a few businesses donated a few thousand dollars to Paul’s campaign. Again I will ask the question “If it doesn’t change his vote, then why give a fuck who gives him money?”

Final simple breakdown,

Ron Paul may not be perfect, but his ideas are the closest I have ever seen to that of the founders of this country. He is not corrupt, and is not a hypocrite. Instead of comparing his ideas to that of other candidates and his voting record dumbasses such as CRW are busy worrying about how much money he legally obtained from organizations his voting record shows he is not in bed with.

CRW I don’t think you are stupid, and even agree with some of your articles and opinions, try to think rationally about this one if your inferior female brain will allow it.

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