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Political Correctness Is As Worthless As The People Who Practice It

June 21, 2012 2 comments

I am sick and tired of politically correct speech and people who use it.  Trying to cleverly phrase what you are saying so that everybody universally will not get offended is horseshit. I am not buying it. You see, smart people can see right through the PC crowd’s little ruse. We still know what you are actually saying and trying to hide with your PC speech. You are not fooling us.

 For the most part I don’t really understand PC speech. Why not just say what you actually mean instead of trying to water it down for public use? Fuck the public! If their little pussies get hurt when you call a spade a spade, then let them hurt. 99% of us would prefer it that way.  

The worst part about PC speech  is how the PC crowd has outlawed swearing and nudity on TV. What the hell is wrong with you people? Oh! I get it. Saying “that smells like a turd”  is totally different than saying “that smells like shit!”  We are so fucking clueless that we can’t in any way make the logical jump in our heads that what you actually intended to say and indeed even implied the word “shit” but you cleverly masked “shit’s” odor with the word turd. Bravo, you stupid bastard! 

Then there is nudity on TV. Yes I know. We don’t want poor little Randy who is only 8 years old to see a pair of boobs on TV. He needs to earn it the old fashion way. By stealing dad’s porno mags from under his bed or going over to little Timmy’s house to watch mommy’s box of porn videos. Give me a break. You are protecting nothing by showing no nudity on TV, and just so you PC fuckers know…you are actually naked under your clothes. I swear! I am not making it up at all.  

Let me try to translate some of this ridiculous and destructive PC speech for the PC crowd so in the future they know how to actually relay effective non watered down information. 

Blacks are not “African American.” They are just American. If they are not Americans and are Africans then they are just Africans. There is a good reason not to call black people African American. One great reason is that a good many have no African roots and come instead from places like Jamaica. Also, I have noticed the PC crowd get all messed up when trying to describe somebody as a mixed race. Let me show you how this can be done easily and effectively. You always go with the fathers race as the primary and the mothers race as the secondary. So, if your dad was black and your mom was white you are “Half White.” On the other hand of your dad is white and your mom is black then you are “Half Black”. If your dad was from Jamaica and your mom was from Cuba, yet you were born in the states you are not “African American, Hispanic American, and American American.” You are a “half Mexican”. Why a Mexican, even though you are not from Mexico? Let me clue you in- whites can’t tell the fucking difference, plus it just makes your fucked up chronology easier to explain. By the way, calling a black man black is no more racist than calling a white man white. Stop worrying about it, you sissies.

Let me translate a few more of these that piss me off.

It is not a “Gay Pride Parade.” It is  “A bunch of faggots blocking traffic.”  Don’t get mad at me, that’s what people actually call it. Who can blame them? Most of us don’t give a shit that you bang butt, it just pisses us off that you have to shut down traffic to explain it to us like we are too stupid to understand. 

You are not a “Tolerant Feminist.” You are a “Fat chick that can’t get get dick.”

You are not a “Strong Black Woman.” You are “Hen-pecking bitch.”

You are not “Trans-gendered.” You are “A surgically-altered, mutilated, freak.”

You are not “Mobility challenged.” You are “Too fucking fat to push a cart.”

You are not “United Workers of the world.” You are “Fucking Communists.”

You not a “Sexual predator.”  You are “A sick boy raper,” or good old-fashioned “rapist.”

You are not “An undocumented worker.” you are “A border hopping, illegal immigrant.”

You are not a “Free Spirit.” You are “A dip shit.”

The list goes on and on. You are not “Seasoned” you are “fucking old.” People need to deal with reality. The reality is the only type of people who get offended by the truth are the same people you can never get to accept it. So why bother placating them with PC speech? It is draining, useless, and who gives a shit? Fuck em! I am not going to alter the way I say things just to make your truth-denying ass feel better. I am not going to try to spare your retarded feelings by telling your drunk ass you have a disease. You don’t have a fucking disease, you just need to stop drinking! 

You PC people make me sick. Get the fuck off of my highly exploitable planet right now. All you do is get in the way of social progress, and prevent truth tellers from telling the truth by trying to shame them into shutting up. You are scum ! 


Gay Marriage and Fucking Pigs, I Don’t Give a Shit Either Way

March 22, 2012 4 comments

Well the gay marriage thing is back with a vengeance. Republican contenders for president are raging about keeping marriage pure to keep their base of conservative pretenders in line. The whole thing makes me want to drink ipecac and vomit spasmodically after eating chilly cheese dogs all over Santorum and Romney’s face!

Don’t get me wrong, I am no huge fan of the gay community and their stupid parades that shut down traffic so we can all watch nipple-pierced, balding, ass fuckers in tight leather carry boom boxes 80’s style on their shoulders with shitty club music playing. Or we are treated to lesbians who put a lie to every thing I learned watching pornos as a kid. Lesbians are supposed to be fucking hot blond bitches with big boobs  that seductively invite the pizza guy to be the baloney in the sandwich they are all about to make.  Instead we are treated to to women that make us think “I don’t think a fifth of Jack would keep ol’ winky awake trying to fuck her, she looks like a god damn out of shape marine.”

All of that aside though….who gives a fuck if faggots get married? Just look at the stupid arguments for wanting to ban gay marriage.

We need to keep marriage pure.

This is an especially stupid argument. I don’t want to even begin to try to describe the things I do with my future wife in the bedroom, but I can guarantee you that making a vow to God on an alter doesn’t make them pure.

God doesn’t like gays.  So what? He doesn’t like you in all probability either. In fact, his master plan is to allow a demon from hell to take over the earth and butcher the group of people that worship him so he can send his son in to save them all. I mean, really think about that. If a firefighter set fire to a house so he could then go in to rescue the people in it, he would be thrown in prison for the rest of life. Then, the same people who claim to be Christians would say, “Give that fucker the death penalty.”

I don’t want my kids exposed to gay couples making out and holding hands in the street. So fucking what, you glistening ebony tool! I don’t want my kids to have to see fat straight people walking in the street stuffing their mouth full of food  in the sweltering summer heat. Unfortunately, they have a fundamental right to be disgusting fucks and so do queers. Tell your kids to stop being pussies, their life is gonna be full of way worse shit then two members of the same sex making out on the street!

Finally my favorite argument of all,

If you legalize gay marriage, thus changing the definition of marriage, what is stopping somebody from marrying a pig, or a goat? 

Nothing. Nothing at all. Who gives a shit about that either? Oh, whats that? You want to try to make some moral argument that marrying and fucking a pig is wrong and disgusting? That is because you are stupid! I have personally shot in the face and gutted pretty much every kind of animal that exists and I can personally tell you that all of them would much rather be raped by Bubba in a wedding dress then to have their balls cut off in a slaughter house with no sedative. They would probably prefer it to being hung upside down while still alive and having their throat cuts in front of their families too, all so that the meat can get to you and your family, and your kid can bitch that he doesn’t want to eat your freshly made awesome pork chop so you throw the fucking shit away anyhow.  Go fuck a horse, a cow, a sheep, a goddamn gopher. I don’t care. Put little dresses on them and get married to them. Fuck animals! Silly bastards are only useful to me for eating and shooting anyway.

I don’t ever want to hear from anybody ever again that people who commit bestiality should go to jail, while these same people consume assassinated animal flesh like it is going out of style.  Fucking hypocrites.

Eat your meat, fuck your meat, fuck a dude, I don’t give a shit what you assholes do. You all make me physically ill.