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Hal Lacino, you are a coward! Family guy is awesome!

While looking up a family guy episode online today I came across this asshole, who actually has a petition to shut down the cartoon, Family Guy.


This Canadian turd’s name is Hal Lacino, at least that is the handle he posts with.

After reading his carefully constructed, socialist, bullshit, I realized immediately [yes, because I am brilliant] That Hal is in fact a coward, and a pussy.

Being that I am the manliest of men who has ever walked [or ever will walk] this entire earth, I saw that it fell to me to smash this idiot’s sissy talk to death with my opinion stick.

You see, Hal, being the socialist Canadian fucktard that he is, wants to shut down a show he doesn’t like, [Oh look a socialist who wants everything to shut up  he doesn’t agree with, I could lick my finger and stick it in a light socket and walk away less shocked]

Typically speaking, I applaud the manliness of men who take up a cause and fight for it. In fact I don’t think there is anything manlier. In Hal’s case though he shows almost right away that he is a coward. Yes, here is Hal’s brilliant plan to shut down the multi-million dollar humor empire that is Family Guy.

“This is where I need your help. I am a Canadian citizen, thus am prohibited from filing a complaint with the FCC. I need you and your American citizenship to file this complaint which may lead to Fox taking Family Guy off the air entirely, or at least relegate it to past 10:00 p.m. watershed period. This would also seriously affect the show’s syndication frequency and the millions of dollars Fox makes off the show every single day” (yes, every day well over a million dollars in syndication revenue alone).

“The hundreds of television stations which currently carry syndicated eps of Family Guy will drop it like a hot potato if they can only show it in the graveyard time slots between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.! Fox will be hit in excess of one billion dollars in lost revenue, which has to be the most effective penalty possible for the egregious violations of American law the network has been airing for almost a full decade!”

Well Hal, here I am to the rescue, to show that you in fact don’t have to be a pussy and rely on the Americans you so despise to do your dirty work for you. Here is the FCC contact info you need.

Julius Genachowski, Chairman
Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street, S.W.
Washington, DC  20554
Primary Phone: 1-888-225-5322
Fax: 202-418-0710
E-Mail: Julius Genachowski, FCC

Below you will find my link, Hal, to the to the broadcast indecency website. This website allows you to file an indecency complaint with the FCC even if you’re in Canada.


Just go down to select a state and put Canada in. I am sure even a moron like you can accomplish that, Hal.

Now either Hal didn’t know this [which proves he is a moron of the first order] or he is a being a lying, spineless, Canadian Asshat! My guess is the latter.

The next phase of Hal’s brilliant plan [this guy should have been a military strategist instead of a Canadian, lost cause pursuing, puke] is to try to hit Fox broadcasting in the wallet during an economic recession. Thus probably costing hundreds of people their jobs. All because he claims that they are in violation of “American Law” as he puts it. So they deserve it! Good job Hal. I am sure it will all be worth it to you though, to shut up people you don’t agree with.

What Hal fails to understand is that the only American law that most Americans even give a shit about is the constitution. Here is the first amendment for you to View Hal,

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Since the congress enacted the FCC using title 47,


and the FCC says this about regulating speech


I would say the fact that they even exist is a violation of American Law wouldn’t you Hal?

You see ladies and gentleman, Hal really is doing this because he has another problem. His problem is he is an occultist.

Stop worshiping children Hal!

I have seen this nutty trend pop up all over the place lately. This child worship cult-like behavior is just crap. What it is really used for is using children as a scapegoat to get what you want. Which Hal unequivocally proves when he says this as a response to a commenter on his site who dared question his stupidity.

I have said all along if an adult wants to watch trash (as long as it’s legal), it’s up to them. The exposure to children must be stopped. Put FG on pay per view and everyone gets what they want and children are no longer going to be exposed to this filth.

Good job Hal! We all know that the real world is really just sunshine and rainbows. It’s good to know that there is somebody out there who wants the next generation totally indoctrinated into what he believes they should believe, versus letting them decide for themselves. That’s cool Hal, I can respect that. So can most slaves around the world I’m sure. That would of course be you, right Hal? The champion of children’s rights! He is here to save all of you idiots out there that can’t save yourselves! By banning Family Guy, whole generations of children will be saved by you, Hal! You’re a Hero! You deserve a medal!

Here you go Hal! You earned it!

The truth is that the world is a fucked up place. Trying to shelter children from it doesn’t do them any service at all.  Not allowing them to watch a cartoon that pokes fun at society, customs, religion, you name it, does them what service exactly Hal? What are you saving them from? Is there any statistic you can point to saying that children who watch family guy are more likely to “Insert bad thing here”? No you can’t. In fact there is no statistically proven correlation anywhere that something like that has ever happened with any TV show. Occasionally  some kids will mimic something they saw on TV or somewhere else for that matter….so will ADULTS! This is fine…especially if that thing is very stupid, as it helps weed out the idiots.

There are MILLIONS of people who watch Family Guy Hal! I know you think all of them are perverts and sexual deviants, lets just assume that is true. Will taking Family Guy off the air suddenly change them? Of course it wouldn’t. Your entire line of reasoning is ridiculous Hal!

If a 12 year old boy sits in his room watching Family Guy, how does that affect you at all Hal? Does that make him a bad person Hal? Is he doing something wrong in your view? Is he more likely to grow up and be a serial killer, or a rapist? Is he gonna be a pedophile Hal? You’re not very clear here on what we are saving our children from. You certainly can’t point to any scientific studies showing that kids brains suddenly become  scrambled and psychotic because they watch a TV show.

The truth is, Hal, you think that everybody in the world should be exactly like you and agree with you. If they don’t, you very cowardly try to sic some government lap dog on them and cry about how our children are being hurt by some unexplained force that suddenly takes away all of their ability to reason. Kids aren’t stupid Hal. 99% of them won’t watch a show where somebody gets shot and go shoot somebody because of it. The 1% that will…are fucked in the head whether the show is on or not.

To further prove how much of a coward Hal is [as if we needed more] look at his response to one of the commenters  on his page who  asked why his comments were deleted.

I delete all comments from MORONS who repeat “DON’T WATCH IT” and anything with expletives. Unlike the mass perversions you’re accustomed to Hubpages is a CHILD-FRIENDLY SITE!

So my guess is the commenter made a good point and Hal was too cowardly to post it on his site.  Unrighteousfury will never delete a comment from his site by a viewer unless it is obvious spam, even if I think viewer is a moron! That is because I am not a coward and I am not afraid of somebody’s  opinion.

Hubpages is  so child friendly that Hal himself readily insults anybody that disagrees with him. These are the lessons he wants the next generation to learn. If somebody disagrees with you insult them, delete their comments or censure them any way you can, or report them to the government. Sorry Hal, I’ll take the Family Guy generation, and freedom to choose what I watch, how I watch, and where I watch, over your shitty lessons to the next generation!

Also, seriously Hal? How many children do you think are honestly looking at your website? Or did you put Walt Disney down as a tag line to drive underage traffic? Don’t be a fucking retarded monkey with a keyboard Hal, it’s obvious you are full of dogshit, demonizing people who like something you don’t and calling them perverts! What kind of sick fuck are you anyways?

Just try to look at your argument logically for a minute. You think the FCC should have the right to censure material they do not approve of?  Since Family Guy watchers do not approve of your website should they file a complaint with the FCC? And should the FCC, if they thought your website didn’t fit in with what they consider free speech, be able to shut you down?

You know the answer to this question Hal. Don’t act like moron [unless you can’t help it]. Try to be rational and not a total socialist Fuckhead! We can never let the government dictate what free speech is, Hal.  NOT EVER! If you give them that power then you will lose free speech forever. Even if you hate Family Guy, hate it’s message, hate people who view it, you should still respect their right to do so. Especially since it affects your life not at all. If it does…then give me one good example of how. Just one Hal. How does Family Guy being on the air actually affect you personally? If the answer is “It doesn’t” then you have just had a realization that your crusade is idiotic. If the answer is “Well it doesn’t but it may possibly, maybe, under the exact right circumstances , have a damaging effect on a child somewhere, though it isn’t very probable.” Then you have also just realized that you are a fucking idiot! If that were the case then we should ban the literally MILLIONS of products kids manage to hurt themselves with every year.

Are you starting to understand that you are in fact a moron, Hal? Is the picture coming together for you yet? Are you still going to hide behind your cowardly website? Are you going to cowardly censure me on your sight as well? If I make a comment will you delete it because you are afraid of somebody’s point of view to that extent?

To all viewers, if you don’t see a comment from Unrighteousfury on ol Hal’s site, rest assured he has censured it like the coward he is. Grow a sack Hal. Don’t delete comments you don’t like just because you are a pussy, after all didn’t you say:

So… will you help? Let me know in the comments section (this entire process will be kept totally transparent and fully public) and let’s do it!

Well, people’s opinions are certainly part of the process, Hal. You promised to be totally transparent and open with the public. If you delete comments that have dissent in them then you are no longer being intellectually honest about how the process is going now are you?  Stop silencing people to make yourself look good Hal. It doesn’t. It makes you like the spineless, socialist, weasel you are.

Now that that is out of the way let’s look at more of some of the things dipshit Hal has to say on his website that should be renamed “The Communist Manifesto”

Let’s not even start on the topic of blaspheming most of the world’s great religions which is a hate crime also not covered by free speech protections

WOW Hal! Your a genius, I want to show you picture of what I did to fact check this little piece of garbage. I show this to you, so you can in the future use it to fact check things you say, before you try to mislead the public with your uninformed horsehit!

Look at the purple in the text this wasn't difficult information to find!

So Hal we can take your word for it, or we can listen to Wikipedia? Ahhhh the choices the choices.

Even though I believe you Hal, let’s just take a look at what Wikipedia has to say on the subject anyways.

Because of the First Amendment’s protection of free speech and religious exercise from federal interference, and the Fourteenth Amendment’s extension of those protections against state regulation, the United States and its constituent state governments may not prosecute blasphemous speech or religious insults and may not allow civil actions on those grounds. In Joseph Burstyn, Inc. v. Wilson, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that New York could not enforce a censorship law against filmmakers whose films contained “sacrilegious” content. The opinion of the Court, by Justice Clark, stated that:

“from the standpoint of freedom of speech and the press, it is enough to point out that the state has no legitimate interest in protecting any or all religions from views distasteful to them which is sufficient to justify prior restraints upon the expression of those views. It is not the business of government in our nation to suppress real or imagined attacks upon a particular religious doctrine, whether they appear in publications, speeches, or motion pictures.”

Also just so we clarify what a hate crime is [Hal also seems to not understand this either]  lets ask Wikipedia again! Wow the answer is astonishing!

A hate crime is a legal category used to described bias-motivated violence: “assault, injury, and murder on the basis of certain personal characteristics: different appearance, different color, different nationality, different language, different religion.”[2]

Damn those fictitious cartoon characters and their evil real world violence against the good and moral peoples of Canada, and the United States.

You are a liar, Hal. Unless you just chose not to fact check your petition and article before you wrote it. In that case you are just a Moron. Maybe you should petition Wikipedia to remove their definitions that are taken from the dictionary. Who knows, you might be more successful then you have been shutting down Family Guy.

Ahhh, and last but not least we have this great little gem from our good friend Hal.

Seth MacFarlane (who very well may be the single greatest threat to the overall welfare and ethical future of the nation, far more than any politician or terrorist

This guy actually thinks that the creator of a TV cartoon may be as dangerous to our overall welfare as politicians or terrorists? Think about the staggering ramifications, of this guys intelligence just making a statement like that!

Let me note some very good reasons why a terrorist is according to my logical breakdown more dangerous than a goofy cartoon show.


He can poison your water, shoot you in the head, use you as a hostage, blow up a building you are in…the list goes on and on. Until I see Family Guy do that, or a viewer of family guy do that because he watches family guy then I would say Hal you are an idiot!

I could breakdown all the reasons politicians are more dangerous as well, but I don’t think I need to.

Let me leave Hal with some final thoughts.

Hal, I went to a police sketch artist and asked him if he could draw you. He said he would do his best to incorporate what you might look like based on what what you have written. Here is his sketch,

If you see Hal, This is probably what he looks like. Don't get to close he might rub off on you.

Have a great day Hal!

  1. November 9, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    Pretty well written. Actually this is a great followup to what alot of people have been trying to drill into Hal’s head, but, alas this is what happens when douchebags like him have free speech. It’s always ironic how they use theirs to impugn on others.

    Although I wouldn’t compare his website to the Communist Manifesto. Remember, communism in it’s earliest stages had the right idea. It’s people who later perverted and took certain parts of the idea out of context for their own purposes that ruined it.

    Similarly, Hal is one of those people who would take freedom and twist it around to his own purposes. If he had any real power at all he wouldn’t be on the Internet spouting his nonsense.

  2. Unrighteousfury
    November 9, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    Hal also refuses to post my comments on his site I have noticed. Hal is a coward. It is nice though to see people trying to stand up to his tyrannical ways. Hal is always welcome to have a debate with me on my site or his but he won’t. Hal is disgusting, and far more perverted than the people he rails against!

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